Saturday, July 30, 2016


Why Jamaican Businesses Need to Invest in a Website

 Unlike Businesses and Companies in other countries, Jamaican Businesses and Companies need to understand and appreciate the importance of having a Website. Internationally businesses have realized the necessity of having their products and services being made accessible to customers. Many persons visit the Internet for information and to get a better understanding of what the needs are for products and services, and many are more comfortable with using the Internet. post 2
It is no longer acceptable to just use the Yellow Pages, or even Red Book as a means of getting information. The Website is where many persons have found their needed information apart from just an address or telephone number, and because of this, businesses in Jamaica need to invest in the concept of utilizing the WWW or World Wide Web to enhance their customer traffic and thus will increase their profit

Using Social Media as a Business Tool

Social Media is a great way to enhance traffic or visitors to your Website. It opens up new and innovative access to customers who enjoy and have gotten into browsing to get needed information for any goods and services. Cable may be good for enjoying a movie, as well as our local Network Stations TVJ and CVM, which offers advertisements to inform on goods and services. Many Jamaicans have now realized it is easier to access information on the go via their Smartphone, Laptops, I-Pads etc. which the Internet provides. For businesses to utilize this tool effectively, they need to have a Website which is active, current, properly maintained and has credible information that will help consumers to make informed decisions. 

E-Commerce and Jamaican Businesses

E-Commerce is a revolutionary tool that many businesses internationally have utilized to ensure their customers and prospective customers are able to access information. Just imagine, staying at home, browsing the many sites for whatever goods or service you need. After having fun browsing, you are able to see what you want, at any location in Jamaica and Abroad and able to purchase it by just clicking a button on your device. Payment is automatic, as your bank is connected Internationally for Checking, Saving, Visa or Master Card holders whose payments are automatic. No bother about currency conversion as it is done by the service provider of the banking institution online. You product is paid for, and delivery is a sure thing. There is no need to be in traffic, sweating or driving around window shopping, and having the hassle being disappointed. With E-Commerce and the Website of the business entity, customers are sure to find exactly what they want from the comfort of their home, office or on the go. With E-Commerce the customer is Virtual Shopping in the showroom enjoying the browsing the site has to offer.

Jamaica has to come into the 21st Century and understand; it is no longer “Come into the store and see what we have”… it is; “Have a look at your leisure and convenience, and we will do the rest”.